For companies

Flexibility for your business

The Industrieservice Leuna supports companies with personnel to cushion seasonal peak orders and personnel shortages. For client companies, this significantly reduces the financial risks of permanent employment. This gives you more room to maneuver and flexibility in the area of personnel management. Employees of the Industrial Service Leuna, who are employed in your company, receive a permanent employment contract that complies with the collective agreement.

Your advantages

They compensate only for “effectively performed” working hours. The requested and employed employees are permanently employed by the Industrieservice Leuna. This means for you that you will only be charged for the hours actually worked. This eliminates the general employer risk for your company.

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  • Increase of your core workforce by qualified personnel
  • Fast and flexible retrieval in the shortest possible time
  • Savings of expensive personnel search
  • strong competitiveness with high deadline pressure
  • Use only as long as necessary

Request employees

With our workforce that has been growing for years, we are able to cover a wide range of required areas. We can provide you, starting from the assistant over specialists from different ranges, according to your requirements to the employment in your establishment to you at the disposal. There is the option of transferring the employee into your company.

Take advantage of the opportunity to test employees completely without risk.

Good employees are searched everywhere. It is often the case that employees provided by us are taken on permanent employment with customer companies. To create a simple and uncomplicated transition opportunity for you, just talk to us.

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